Sommelier and Cellar Master Services

Our in-house Sommelier can assist you with all things wine- and wine cellar-related.

Points to Consider When Investing in a Custom Wine Cellar

A wine cellar represents a significant investment in advance of another significant investment—a fine wine collection. This document is intended to satisfy part of the due diligence we recommend.

Wine Cellar Budget Overview

Genuwine Cellars is unique in the wine cellar industry in being able to offer options at both the entry-level and also at the ultra-premium level (and everything in between). Determining where you would like to land on that spectrum is a matter of becoming more informed of what is entailed in this investment, which is the purpose of this document.

Wine Cellaring: General Principles

Proper wine cellaring principles all follow the same logic: shield the wine from harmful influences. This article documents the major dangers to guard against.

Inventorying Your Collection

Your inventory system could be as rudimentary as a paper folder of receipts, or as complex as an electronic self-contained database replete with its own label maker and bar code scanner. This document outlines some of the more common options.

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