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Discover the Depths of Luxury Wine Storage

Spiral Wine Cellars

Genuwine Cellars has transcended its status in the world of custom wine cellars, offering the exclusive Spiral Cellar. The magic begins with glass doors that open at a touch, customizable lighting controlled from your phone, and walk-over laminated toughened glass that allows you to peer into your collection from above. Making our spiral cellars unforgettable centerpieces in your home. At the heart of our spiral cellars lies their true genius, unparalleled climate control, ensuring your wine is perfectly preserved. With every turn in the spiral, you are drawn closer to luxury living.

Imagine Descending into your Own Private Wine Cellar

Beneath the surface of your home lies the potential for extraordinary wine storage, a labyrinth of sophistication where a spiraling journey unveils your finest wine collection.

One Week to Your New Spiral Wine Cellar

A Spiral Cellar is fabricated from precast concrete modules and is fitted into the ground below a property (including in areas with very high water tables), or above ground within a basement or crawlspace. A Spiral Cellar can form part of a new build, or be a part of a renovation project. Either way, it usually takes no more than five to six days to install.

in ground wine cellar - Genuwine Cellars

A Sanctuary Where Time Stands Still

With an endless range of customizable options, you have the freedom to design a cellar that perfectly matches your taste and home’s aesthetics. From selecting the perfect materials and finishes to choosing innovative lighting and flooring solutions, every detail is tailored to enhance the beauty and functionality of your cellar.

Spiral Wine Cellar Installation Process​

Discover the step-by-step process of installing a unique spiral wine cellar in our latest project.

Turn Key Services by Genuwine Cellars

At the heart of our service, we meticulously attend to every aspect of your wine cellar, ensuring that each detail is crafted to perfection.

Our service includes:

  • The initial call, we will transform your ideas into captivating designs
  • We assist you in choosing the optimum location in your home
  • we provide your local engineer with a thorough Engineering Package (complete with structural calculations)
  • We perform a site visit to ensure the excavation (if required) is performed correctly
  • We deliver your cellar to the project site;
  • And of course, our team will install your Spiral Wine Cellar.

“Our wine cellar is an absolutely show stopper for anyone who walks in!!!!”

circular wine cellar - Genuwine Cellars

Crafting Spaces for Cherished Memories

Let us help you build not just a wine cellar, but a sanctuary of sensory exploration, where every occasion is elevated into a memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about spiral wine cellars