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Custom Wine Lockers

For wine enthusiasts and commercial establishments seeking premium wine storage solutions, our exclusive Wine Lockers offer unparalleled sophistication and expert craftsmanship. Each wine locker is expertly designed with the utmost attention to detail, providing a sophisticated and elegant storage solution that is sure to impress.

Wine Lockers for Private Clubs and Restaurants

Our Wine Lockers offer unparalleled sophistication and are the perfect storage solution for various spaces, from commercial environments such as country clubs and restaurants to condos or other residential developments requiring a premium wine storage solutions. Meticulously designed to hold wine at the perfect temperature, our commercial wine storage lockers ensure that your collection is preserved in pristine condition.

Custom Wine Storage Lockers by Genuwine Cellars

custom wine lockers design in Manitoba club by Genuwine Cellars

At Genuwine Cellars, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional, bespoke wine storage solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our Wine Lockers are a prime example of this dedication to customization, expertly crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Fully customizable, our lockers come in a range of sizes, finishes, and materials, allowing us to create a bespoke wine storage solution that perfectly fits your needs. From lockers that can store 6, 12, or 24 bottles to those that can accommodate larger format bottles, our team of experts will work with you to create the ideal locker. Each locker is designed to your exact specifications with a range of premium materials.

Wine Locker Placement

Wine lockers can be designed to be a showpiece in a space, such as a lobby or the backdrop of a dining room, or to be more utilitarian and simply store the user’s bottle in a private and secure space. They are all individually locked and have one master key that unlocks them, providing a secure storage solution for your wine collection. Additionally, wine lockers typically have a glass front door that allows you to see the collection inside, as well as a nameplate on the exterior of the locker, so each member can have their name on their locker.

Optimal Temperature to Age and Store Wine

We design each wine locker to hold the optimal temperature to age and store wine, ensuring that your collection is preserved in pristine condition. Our team uses the latest technology and materials to create a storage solution that provides a stable and consistent temperature, protecting your wine investment for years to come.

With Genuwine Cellars, your wine cellar journey begins with a beautiful design and ends with a stunning wine cellar that exceeds your expectations.

Easy Access to Your Collection with Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are commonly used with wine lockers for easy access to your wine collection. Our Wine Lockers are designed for effortless access, so you can easily reach bottles stored at the top of your locker.

Explore Our Wine Cellars

Explore some of our latest creations to our custom minimalist modern wine cellars we have built for wine enthusiasts around the globe.

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Bring Your Ideas To Life

At Genuwine Cellars, we believe that every dream project deserves to be realized. Allow us to bring your ideas to life and create a custom wine cellar that truly reflects your personal style and vision.