The Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is an ultra-specialized unit, dedicated solely to wine cellar design.

Our design philosophy is collaborative in nature. While we are often called to take the lead with respect to the wine cellar, we are also well-experienced working side-by-side with other design professionals such as architects, interior designers, home builders and general contractors. You choose our level of involvement at the design stage.

Stages of the Design Process

Phase 1: Introduction to a Lead Designer

When you have retained Genuwine Cellars for design services, you will be introduced to a Lead Designer who will be your dedicated contact throughout the life of your project right up to the final installation.

Phase 2: Wine Cellar Design Analysis

Our design process begins by taking a full assessment of your desires and objectives. Considerations like: ideal bottle capacity, large format storage needs, aesthetic style preferences, your wine-collecting habits, material preferences, the size and location of the space, and the ultimate purpose of the wine cellar are all accounted for before we begin our initial design.

We have created an online form to aid in this process (answers can be emailed to you as well as to our offices): Wine Cellar Design Form

If you are working with an architect, designer or general contractor, this is the time to share renovation plans, blueprints and other objectives so that all relevant parties can get on the same page.

We are a service-oriented company. Please call us at 1.866.415.7181 to speak with a designer and we would be happy to answer questions and provide additional resources to you depending on where you are at with your project.

Phase 3: Design Presentation

With the information gathered in Phase 2, your dedicated designer will prepare a beautiful design presentation that will include three-dimensional computer-generated concept drawings of your cellar, suggested material specifications and custom lighting plans.

Please note that our designers can quickly modify, change and alter plans down to the minutest detail.

Phase 4: Design Revisions and Presentation of Formal Quote

Design revisions (if required) are performed and a formal quote line-iteming project costs will be presented and explained to you. Once the final design and quote have been agreed upon, a project deposit is required to move the design into the next phase.

Phase 5: Room Preparation and Formal Climate Control Plans and Electrical Plans

Once the concept design has been crystallized and a deposit made, your room can then be prepared for climate control (following our Room Preparation Guide) (assuming that it has not already been pre-prepared).

Upon completion of the insulation, vapour barrier, framing, etc., Genuwine will provide you with our Final Dimensioning Guide, to instruct you and/or your building professional how to best secure field dimensions of your space. The more accurate these dimensions are, the more custom we can produce your wine cellar components. Depending on the scope of the project, a Genuwine Cellars representative may visit your project site for the purposes of procuring these dimensions.

In the meantime, we will construct formal Climate Control Plans and Electrical Rough-In Plans.

It is also in this stage that material samples can be sent, and custom stain matches secured.

Phase 6: Final CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Created

Once Genuwine has received the final field dimensions of your space, we can begin the production of the “to-the-millimeter” architectural-grade CAD drawings that will precisely outline the exact fit and finish of your wine cellar as it will be in your exact space. Once this CAD drawing is complete, we will send it to you for your final verification.

Phase 7: The Build

The precision CAD drawings produced in Phase 6 will inform and dictate the build of every element of your wine cellar. Your designer will continue to be your direct point-of-contact throughout this process in the event that questions arise or changes are required.

Phase 8: The Installation

Depending on the scope of the project, many of our clients prefer to have Genuwine’s craftsman also install their wine cellars. In this instance, an installation team will white-glove deliver your wine cellar (a savings on the shipping expense) to the project site and then complete all aspects of the installation process, from climate control, glass walls and doors, and of course wine racking and millwork.

While there is no “typical” in the world of custom, small-to-medium-sized wine cellars (500 to 3,000 bottles) generally take between 3 and 7 days on site depending on the complexity of the installation. For large wine cellars (8,000 to 10,000+ bottles) you can expect 8 to 14+ days on site.

Learn more about our Wine Cellar Installation Services.

For smaller projects in which incurring the expense of having our team travel to your site may not make sense for your investment, your next best option for success would be to have Genuwine build and supply all aspects of your wine cellar project, ship them to site, and then have your local builder/contractor install our product f. In these cases, having Genuwine on the team dictating every element (room prep, climate control, design) and then supplying all the requisite elements (wine racking and millwork, glass/doors, mechanical) ensures that you are getting the best direction, materials and plans, which not only puts you (and your builder) in the best position to create a functioning wine cellar, but also a showpiece that maximizes your investment.

Our firm specializes in long-distance project management, and all of our tools and resources have been designed accordingly.

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