The Ring

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The popular design mandate for free-floating bottles prompted the invention of our cable ring storage system, which provides the best solution for near-invisible wine racking.

Aircraft-grade steel cable is affixed floor-to-ceiling, supporting brushed-aluminum rings, spaced precisely to accommodate all standard bottle sizes, including over-sized bottles. When mounted within a glass-enclosed cellar, the effect is stunning.


Height and Width:

Custom heights up to 25+ feet.

Size and Density Options:

Two standard bottle density options: Lite and Maximum

Custom bottle density options available (e.g., offset)

Two Ring size options: standard 750ml bottles and larger Champagne bottles


Material Options:

Brushed Aluminum 

Finish Options:

Powder Coating (color) options available for Rings

Feature Options/Upgrades:

  • Ring columns may be oriented ‘cork-out’ or ‘label out’
  • Powder coating options available
  • Genuwine-tested support structure with premium veneer/millwork available

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I put bottles into the Rings?

The Ring system contains two rings for each bottle: one smaller ring to support the neck, and one larger ring to support the body.

You simply pass the neck of the bottle through the first larger ring, and then into the second smaller ring.

2) Do the cables require adjustment over time?

The Ring’s cables are designed to be adjustable. We recommend that cables are adjusted from time to time to maintain the appropriate amount of tension

3) I don’t like the ‘body-end first’ of the bottle display. Can I change that?

The Ring is ideally suited for a space where the ‘back-end’ of the cellar/cabinet can be put on display (thereby displaying ‘corks-out’).

Otherwise, you could arrange the Ring to accommodate a horizontal bottle display.

4) Can I add Rings to my system at a later date?

No. You must choose your bottle density upfront. System is not designed to be expandable.

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