Spiral Wine Cellars

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The Spiral Wine Cellar was developed in Europe and is exclusively installed and customized across North America by Genuwine Cellars. With a mechanical door, the Spiral Cellar can be accessed through a rotate and reveal glass door or pop-open panel matched to the flooring.


The Spiral Wine Cellar can be a spectacular showpiece or a hidden hideaway for a prized collection.

Launching off our expertise in custom wine cellars, Genuwine Cellars will be tailoring their version of the Spiral Cellar for the North American market, complete with premium finish options and a commercial-grade climate control system dedicated specifically for wine storage.


A Spiral Wine Cellar is fabricated from precast concrete modules and can be fitted into the ground below a property (including in areas with very high water tables), or above ground within a basement or crawlspace. Underground Wine Cellars can form part of a new build, or be a part of a renovation project. Either way, it usually takes no more than seven to nine days to install.


There are several entry-door options available, ranging from standard wood to retractable glass. The Genuwine Spiral Wine Cellar also includes several upgrades, including leather step treads; LED lighting package; and a premium concrete finish. Entry-doors are reinforced and can bear significant weight load, and all doors are available as a standalone option.


Genuwine Cellars provides full installation services for Spiral Cellars throughout North America. Our service is virtually turnkey: we will assist you in choosing the optimum location in your home; we will provide your local engineer with a generic Engineering Package (complete with structural calculations); we will deliver your cellar to the project site; and our trained team will install your Spiral Hidden Wine Cellar.

Spiral Cellar Specifications

Bottle Depth:

Single bottle depth only.

Height and Width:

Excavation diameter: 8’2″

Cellar diameter: 6’11”

Three depth options:

6’7″ depth

8’2″ depth

9’10” depth (recommended)

Entry Door:

4’11” x 2’11” (rectangular doors)

4’11” diameter (round glass doors)

Bottle Density Options:

1130 bottles (6’7″ depth)

1450 bottles (8’2″ depth)

1870 bottles (9’10” depth)




All UK Spiral Wine Cellars are crafted in rustic European cast concrete and then receive an upgraded finish by Genuwine Cellars.


Upgraded premium finish is standard with Genuwine Cellars.

Upgrade option available to select custom finish colour (Black; Gun Metal; Red; Custom)

Entry-Door Options:

Fully-motorized glass doors (retractable full-round, hinged full-round, low half-round, and rectangular)

Wood doors (standard, or reinforced for garage)

Stair Treads and Flooring:

We offer a selection of premium leather samples for you to choose from


–    Concrete modules hold up to 27 Bordeaux (or 24 Burgundy) bottles.

–    Three available depths (6’7″, 8’2″ and 9’10”)

–    LED lighting package included (under stairs and at bottom or top diameter). Non-U/V-emitting wine cellar safe.

–    Active climate control system included. (Specialized commercial-grade unit dedicated to wine storage)


PLEASE NOTE: North American demand for Spiral Cellars has been intensifying for over a decade, and we encourage clients to secure their place as soon as possible as our production schedule fills quickly.

Genuwine Cellars provides complete Spiral Cellar Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, will install each and every element of your Spiral Wine Cellar. We are the turnkey solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

My engineer has suggested that the property foundations will need to be underpinned or taken as deep as the cellar?

In general, you need not worry about adapting or enhancing existing or planned foundations. The cellar will be encircled with a concrete ring, which gives the cellar its own structural integrity and handles incoming surcharge from adjacent footings. Post-deposit, your engineer will be provided with all the relevant technical information.

Do I need to get planning permission to have a Spiral Cellar?
In the UK, planning permission is not normally required because the Spiral Cellar is not considered a habitable space, but it may be requested by a local North American building authority.

My preferred location for the Spiral Cellar is in a room that adjoins my neighbour’s house. Is there anything I need to consider?
Considerations for a party wall are applicable to a Spiral Cellar installation if the excavation is planned to be within 10′ of a neighbouring owner’s building or structure. This is generally a straight forward process, and is typically not comparable to obtaining planning permission.

What about Building Regulations?
Building regulations approval is required when installing into a habitable space such as in the home or an attached garage. A Spiral Cellar is generally not considered a habitable space (in the UK) so the cellar does not need to comply with certain regulations, such as requirements for a handrail and the ‘rise’ and ‘run’ of the staircase treads. This may not be the case for every North American site. Investigation into your local building code is recommended.

I love the glass doors but am concerned about scratch marks.
All of our glass doors feature scratch-resistant, toughened glass to ensure they look as good as possible, for as long as possible. With just a little care they remain in excellent condition for years.

I’m building a new property. What do I need to consider to include a Spiral Cellar?
We would encourage you to call us as soon as possible to ensure that the Spiral Cellar ties in with the project plans. This will reduce the chance of duplicating certain costs and will guarantee we are able to fit into the program.

Every Wine Cellar begins with a Call.