“World Leading Wine Cellars in World Leading Hotels”

For nearly twenty-five years, Genuwine Cellars has been involved with the design and build of commercial wine storage spaces across North America, Europe, and Asia.

With respect to commercial installations, Genuwine takes a functionality-first approach, which is why many ownership groups, design firms and general contractors contact us directly to handle all aspects of their project’s wine storage.

Genuwine’s design team is well-adept at working on commercial projects with other design and build professionals, including architects, project managers, client representatives, HVAC consultants, lighting consultants, interior designers, food and beverage consultants, and restaurant/hotel management. Our unique insight into—and experience with—proper wine storage makes the Genuwine Design Loft an asset to have on any large-scale project.

Hotel and Restaurant

Often employed as centerpieces, wine features in restaurants and hotels must be functional, ergonomic, design-savvy and cost-effective.

Value-Engineered Solutions

Our firm specializes in providing value-engineered solutions for large-scale projects working within the confines of strict budgets. We are generally always able to provide functional, reasonably cost-effective alternatives while still achieving desired bottle capacities and design aesthetics.


With respect to the hospitality industry, the design team at Genuwine is led by their in-house Sommelier, who has worked in a host of different restaurant environments. When designing the wine cellar/feature for your restaurant/hotel, we are able to integrate real-world experience into the design, considering factors such as work flow; potential guest interference; access; fast-moving inventory; storage temperature ‘danger zones’ and more.


Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects26Hotel Wine Cellar MENU-Commercial Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects18 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects29 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects11 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects22

Retail and Mass Wine Storage


Genuwine Cellars has worked with several wineries, wine stores, and boutiques across Canada, the United States and beyond to provide retail-friendly displays and in-store/in-winery climate-controlled wine rooms/cellars.

Our work in the retail and mass wine storage sphere extends to:

  1. Large wine libraries (>30,000+ bottles) for universities and wineries
  2. Custom floor displays for wine bottles and wine accessories
  3. Custom wine features/rooms/cellars built directly into the retail environment, be it boutique, winery or tasting room
  4. Custom humidors with cigar and specialty lighter displays


Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects25Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects16 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects5 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects3 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects4 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects7 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects9 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects12 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects13 Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects15Genuwine-Cellars---Commercial-Wine-Feature-and-Cellar-Projects17

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