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A seamless glass wine room or wine cellar provides a clean modern aesthetic with the added benefit of transparency to display your wine bottles and collection. Genuwine Cellars has perfected full glass systems to the point of Wine-Cellar-Grade classification. We have mastered the art of creating fully-sealed glass environments, with gaps of less than 4mm between glass panels, to provide the perfect glass wine room.

Creating a glass structure is not overly difficult. Creating a fully-sealed glass enclosure capable of sustaining a controlled climate—much more of a challenge. And it is the reason we work with builders, architects, designers and clients around the worldwide, designing and supplying their glass wall/door requirements.

If you are considering employing glass walls and doors into your wine cellar, we strongly recommend leaning on our expertise and experience. Getting this element not exactly right could, at worst, render the wine cellar not functional, or at best, introduce condensation issues as well as see excessive strain put on your wine cellar cooling unit



Upgrade Options:

Ultra Clear/Starfire (low iron, high-clarity) 12mm tempered glass.

U/V laminate option available for wine rooms in direct contact with sunlight (which can damage wine, especially Champagne). Please note that Genuwine only uses embedded U/V laminates, and does recommend the use of U/V tinting.

Textured glass (variety of selections)

Digital painting on glass (ultra clear glass only). Add high-resolution images in color or black and white onto your glass. Varying degrees of opacity available.

NOTE: All Glass and Wall Systems come standard with all accompanying channels and hardware, including pivot hinges, door stops, door handles and door locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When glass is exposed to sudden heat and then sudden cooling, its molecular structure changes such that when it breaks, it does so in chunks and pebbles (as opposed to sharp and dangerous shards). Tempering is all about safety.

Genuwine uses tolerances that most glaziers find daunting. We do this in order to create a properly sealed environment. Our glass wall panels are inset using steel tracks and sealed with silicone. Doors are mounted using a pivot hinge and sealed all around. If you use improperly fitting glass walls and doors for a climate controlled environment you run a variety of risks, including condensation issues and cooling unit failures.

Typical gaps left between glass lites/panes are a ½” or greater, which not only invites the risk of condensation, but it also forces your cooling unit to worker harder, limiting its lifespan.

The internal temperature of the wine cellar will be affected by the presence of glass, since glass provides essentially no insulation. Considerations will need to be paid when time comes to select a cooling unit.

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