“Luxury residential and commercial wine cabinets.”


Retrofitting an existing closet, cutout or niche into a climate-controlled wine wall / wine cabinet /wine closet is an excellent way to turn an otherwise unremarkable space in your home into a showpiece capable of storing your wine collection at correct temperature and humidity.

Genuwine Cellars specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom wine-walls, -cabinets, and -closets.

Options abound and include your choice of:

  1. Wine Racking Styles:
    1. Modern Racking (PEG System | Label Link | Label Ladder | The Ring / The Cube)
    2. Traditional Wood Racking (Sommelier Select | Collector’s Edition)
  2. Wall / Cabinet / Closet Construction:
    1. Seamless Floor-to-Ceiling Display (with cooling unit located remotely)
    2. Display with Integrated Bulkhead (fitted with “through-the-wall” cooling unit)
    3. Genuwine Cellars’s specified and supplied enclosure (insulated and vapor barrier’ed)
  3. Material and Finish:
    1. Premium or Exotic Wood Species
    2. Metal/Chrome/Stone Veneers
    3. Specialty Materials
  4. Door Styles:
    1. Glass Wall and Door System
    2. Wine Cellar-Grade Display Doors with Glass Inserts
  5. Glass:
    1. Standard Glass
    2. Thermal Glass
    3. U/V Protected Glass
    4. Ultra Clear (Low-E) Glass
  6. Climate Control:
    1. Entry-Level “Through-the-Wall” Units (built into custom bulkhead)
    2. Commercial-Grade Cooling Units
    3. Add On Humidity Control
  7. Lighting:
    1. LED Display Lighting
    2. Designer Integrated Lighting (e.g., integrated light panels/strips; back-lit glass; etc.)

As the above list suggests, dimensions, capacity and costs are highly variable.

Please note that numerous challenges confront the design and build of a custom enclosed wine wall / cabinet; every one is unique in some manner and requires special attention in order to make it functional.

Potential clients (and their builders) often underestimate the complexities involved, largely because walls / closets / cabinets present several pitfalls that are not readily obvious or intuitive. As most cooling unit manufacturers will attest, the failure rate for cooling units installed into wine closets by inexperienced and uninformed builders is alarmingly high, and ultimately results in higher costs for their clients as we are called in after the fact to make things right.

All custom wine walls / cabinets / closets are unique in their size, materials, design, engineering and capacity. With over twenty-five years of experience, we know the pitfalls to avoid. We can engineer a system that will work and we will produce a turnkey solution precision-fitted to your space.


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