“Passion for all of the finer things in life.”


Genuwine Cellars is passionate about the finer things in life: First Growth Bordeaux, rare Cognac, Michelin-starred restaurants, and of course, fine cigars.

Genuwine’s founder and CEO shares a love of cigars nearly equal to his love of fine wine, and as a result has made our firm a leader in the production of custom humidors.

Employing solid Spanish Cedar, the interior paneling, drawers and shelves of our custom-crafted humidors provide the perfect environment to mature your tobacco collection.

Each of our custom humidors includes a microprocessor-based electronic humidification system with humidity display.

Humidor exteriors can be finished in any assortment of approved wood species and finishes. All humidors are custom-made and are crafted to your exact specifications.

A Genuwine custom humidor nested inside a Genuwine wine cellar is literally a controlled environment within a controlled, sealed environment.




  1. LED-lit angled-cigar display trays
  2. Glass-front display panels
  3. Cabinet-, drawer-, and pillar-style enclosures
  4. Leather-wrapped shelves
  5. Collectible Lighter display rows
  6. Full walk-in humidors equipped with commercial grade mechanical to regulate humidity
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