“Anything is Possible.”


The Architectural Series is essentially reserved for one-of-a-kind showpiece projects that require unique design and engineering.

Projects may still incorporate other racking lines, but the overall scope of the design, construction and involvement is at a higher level.

This is the “sky’s the limit” category where creative dreams are forged into reality. All sizes, all approved materials, all approved finishes.




Bottle Depth:


Height and Width:


Density Options:



Material Options:

*We will craft wine cellars in any material that we approve as wine cellar safe 

Finish Options:

*We will finish a wine cellar in any finish that we approve as wine cellar safe 

*Custom stain matches are available (physical sample required)

Feature Options/Upgrades:


Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars

We have created an online form to aid in this process (answers can be emailed to you as well as to our offices):

Wine Cellar Design Form

Or please phone us at 1-866-415-7181 to speak with a designer.

The Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is an ultra-specialized unit dedicated to designing strong and seductive wine cellars. With nearly two decades of wine cellar design in its repertoire, and the power to create anything within the limits of imagination, the Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is the only true wine-cellar-centric boutique design firm in the world.

Our Designer Service includes a formal design presentation, three-dimensional computer-generated concept drawings of your cellar, suggested material specifications, custom lighting plans, and post-deposit, also includes full CAD drawings, Climate Control Plans, material samples and Electrical Plans.Learn more about the Genuwine Design Process here.


Production time:                       Varies, depending on scope and complexity of project.

global-installation-servicesGenuwine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, can install each and every element of your custom cellar. We are a 100% turnkey solution.

Anything is Possible

1) Can I build a two-storey wine cellar forged in 18K gold, featuring a LED-lit waterfall?


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