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Under Stairs Wine Cellar Transformation

A Wine Cellar is only limited by the experience of its designer.

Uncover the enchanting story behind a residential endeavor that turned a neglected under-stairs area into a captivating Wine Cellar. 

Project Brief

Project type: Residential 

Location: Big Sky, MT, United States

Style: Glass-enclosed under stairs wine display with Metal Bottle Displays

Client Requirements: The goal is to transform the under-stairs area into a one-of-a-kind space with a design that seamlessly combines contemporary style with practical wine storage – becoming a captivating focal point with its unique, eye-catching design.

Photos before:

Our Solution

A climate-controlled wine cellar beneath a suspended staircase, featuring a fully glass-enclosed design, a back-lit Gem Glass wall, bespoke metal racks for optimal bottle presentation, and a hidden climate control system.

Visual Design Model

After meticulous space analysis and design considerations, our team of expert designers has crafted a captivating wine cellar concept that harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetics.

This Wine Cellar features:

Bottle Capacity: 574 standard-sized wine bottles

Case Storage:  (10) – 12 bottle cases

Racking: Double and Triple depth Label Ladder style custom stainless steel wine racks

Climate Control:  Wine Guardian DS050 Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wood type: Flat Cut White Oak

Glass: Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

Lighting: LED panel lightning

Back Wall: Back-lit Gem Glass wall

Project Challenges

The primary challenge we faced was re-working the existing climate control system, as the space behind the cellar wall (previously used as a guest bedroom) was no longer available. To overcome this obstacle, we engaged in close collaboration with the client during the CAD phase to explore various design options that would seamlessly incorporate the climate control aspect into the cellar space.

Our final solution incorporates a concealed cooling system positioned above the wine display space.

The secondary challenge was to achieve a flawless racking design that met the client’s requirements. Extensive bottle cantilevers demanded precise planning and execution to guarantee stability and aesthetic appeal. To overcome this challenge, a prototyping phase was initiated to validate each style of overhang before finalizing the CAD drawing set.

In order to ensure the success of the racking design, our team meticulously prototyped each style of overhang in our dedicated workshop. This approach allowed us to evaluate the feasibility, functionality, and visual impact of each design iteration.

Our client had a special request for Gem Glass to be incorporated into the backlit wall of their cellar space. This unique product was exclusively available in Italy, presenting us with the challenge of sourcing, purchasing, and importing large panels within a tight deadline. Despite the geographical distance, we successfully arranged for the procurement of the Gem Glass panels. Utilizing air freight services, we ensured their timely delivery, meeting the project’s time constraints.

Installation Phase

During the installation phase, our team implemented a meticulous approach to ensure the flawless execution of the wine cellar concept. Every detail, from the positioning of the glass panels to the installation of the metal racking, was carefully carried out with precision and expertise.

Throughout the installation process, our team maintained open communication with the client, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns or adjustments that arose. The result was a seamless and efficient installation that brought the captivating glass wine cellar concept to life, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Client Testimonial​

“Your team is simply outstanding. The cellar turned out spectacularly, and everyone who was in that house for the last three days raved about how great your team is. Real pros who take pride in their work. The design was exactly as I had hoped, thank you!”

    Final Project Photo

    The result was a harmonious combination of functionality, aesthetics, and client satisfaction. A cooperative and proactive approach with meticulous attention to detail helped us successfully overcome logistical challenges and create a captivating custom Wine Cellar that surpassed the client’s expectations.

    Captivating Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar Design - Genuwine Cellars

    Our designers believe anything is possible, and our wine cellar specialists ensure your collection is safely stored.