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The Ring Cable Wine Racking

The Ring Cable Wine Racking

“The Ring is an award-winning tension cable system, exclusively available from Genuwine Cellars. Each Ring system is handcrafted in our shop to the highest standard of quality.”

The award-winning RING Cable Tension System is an increasingly popular option among wine and interior design lovers alike.



  • The most important thing to note about the Ring is that they come fully pre-assembled. This means that the spacing between bottles is precise and consistent, the Rings are affixed to the cables, and rubber insets are in place. You simply unpack the shipment and install.
    • The system includes all anchors, and we can provide you a custom template for placement upon request as well.
    • Recommended installation asks for 1 ½” reinforcement on floor and ceiling to support tension of cables.
  • Average turn around for a custom RING System is 4-6 weeks from CAD sign off / deposit.
  • Our standard finish is a brushed aluminum, with options for powder coating
  • Decisions to make: Bottles can face vertically (cork out) or horizontally (label out). They can also be at lite density referring to the spacing between bottles in the same column, or max density, where the larger rings for the base of the bottle are almost touching one another.

Note: If you can provide basic dimensions of the space you have in mind, as well as selections preferences, we can offer a custom quote anytime.