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Spectacular Glass Encased Wine Display

Join us as we delve into the journey of crafting a sophisticated and functional wine cellar, meticulously designed to blend contemporary aesthetics with utmost practicality. Discover how our team brought the client’s vision to life, emphasizing the art of showcasing wine labels and providing a secure haven for their cherished wine collection.

Project Brief

Project type: Residential

Location: Sacramento, CA

Style: Modern Glass Enclosed Wine Wall

Bottle Capacity: 409 standard 750 ml wine bottles, 14 champagne bottles, 5 magnums and large format bottles.

Racking: Label Link Bottle Display, Peg Racking Bottle Displays, Glass racks

Climate Control: Wine Guardian D025

Materials:  Stainless Steel, MDF wood and leather

Glass: Tempered Glass

Lighting: LED Accent Lighting

Client Requirements

Our client desired a modern and visually captivating wine display that would not only showcase their prized wine bottles but also provide a functional storage solution with an emphasis on wine label display. His primary objective was to have a unique wine wall design that would serve as a focal point in their home while ensuring optimal wine preservation through climate control.

Photos before

Our Solution

Our design team crafted a modern glass enclosed wine wall that perfectly met the client’s requirements and brought their vision to life. The focal point of the design is a stylish glass enclosure, which provides a transparent view of the wine collection from the living space while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall interior design.

The proposed solution includes a state-of-the art hidden wine cellar cooling unit to ensure optimal storage conditions for the wines. LED accent lighting is used to draw attention to the wine collection and create an inviting atmosphere.

Key Features of Our Wine Wall Design:

Captivating Glass Enclosure

The centerpiece of our design was a modern glass enclosure that enclosed the wine wall. The transparent walls offered an unobstructed view of the wine collection, turning it into an artful display.

Label-Focused Display

Understanding the client’s desire to highlight wine labels, we integrated Label Link Bottle Display racks. These racks held the bottles horizontally, elegantly showcasing the labels and creating a dynamic visual effect.

Functional Peg Racking

In addition to the Label Link Display, we incorporated Peg Racking Bottle Displays. These racks provided secure storage for the wine bottles while allowing flexibility in arranging bottles of various sizes and shapes.

Wine Wall Climate Control

To ensure that the wine collection remained in prime condition, we installed a hidden Wine Guardian D025 cooling unit. This state-of-the-art climate control system maintained ideal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring optimal aging and preservation of the wines.

Ample Wine Bottle Capacity

Considering the client’s extensive collection, we designed the wine wall to accommodate up to 409 standard 750 ml wine bottles, 14 champagne bottles, and 5 magnum and large format bottles.

Tempered Glass

Safety and durability were paramount, which is why we opted for tempered glass panels for the enclosure. This provided peace of mind for the client while enhancing the visual allure of the wine wall.

Elegant LED Lighting

To elevate the ambiance and draw attention to the wine collection, we installed LED accent lighting. The soft, warm glow illuminated the bottles, accentuating their labels and creating a captivating display.

Installation Phase

Before proceeding with the actual installation, our team conducted rigorous testing on the prototypes. This testing phase involved evaluating the structural integrity and stability of the wine racks to guarantee that they could securely hold the weight of the wine bottles and withstand any potential stress. The testing process allowed us to identify and address any potential issues or weaknesses, ensuring that the final installation would be safe and reliable for the client’s valuable wine collection.

Materials play a vital role in the overall quality and aesthetics of the wine wall. Our wine cellar experts meticulously selected each material used in the construction process, considering factors such as durability, aesthetics, and functionality. The careful selection of materials ensures that the wine racks not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also provide a long-lasting and reliable storage solution for the wine bottles.

As the installation progressed, our team consistently adhered to the highest standards of quality assurance. Each step was thoroughly checked and reviewed to guarantee that the installation met all safety standards and design specifications. The wine cellar experts ensured that the installation not only showcased the best possible quality but also provided a secure and reliable environment for storing the client’s wine collection.

wine cellar after the installation process

Throughout the installation phase, we maintained open communication with the client, updating them on the progress and addressing any questions or concerns they may have had. Our team collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the result aligned with their expectations and surpassed their vision for the wine display.

Project Challenges

During the wine cellar installation project, we encountered several challenges that required quick solutions and teamwork to overcome. Despite the outstanding cooperation from the clients and their enthusiasm for the project, a few technical hurdles tested our skills and resourcefulness.

Hot Air Exhaust Management


One of the primary challenges was dealing with the hot air generated by the cooling unit. Proper ventilation was essential to maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar, and ensuring that the cooling unit would operate optimally. Initially, we struggled to find a suitable way to effectively direct the hot air away from the cooling unit.


After careful analysis, our team devised a solution to exhaust the hot air into an adjacent vacant room. By utilizing the room’s existing ventilation system, we ensured the hot air was efficiently expelled, preventing any potential damage to the cooling unit and guaranteeing optimal conditions within the wine cellar.


Alignment of Glass Doors


The project involved the installation of four glass doors, which presented challenges in achieving uniformity across all doors. Inconsistencies in the gaps could lead to compromised insulation, affecting the cellar’s overall temperature regulation.


Ensuring a precise fit for all four doors required meticulous measurements and attention to detail. The team had to employ specialized techniques to align the glass doors accurately, addressing the issue and ensuring uniform gaps for optimal thermal performance.

Final Project Result

Final Thoughts

The modern glass enclosed wine wall project is a perfect fusion of contemporary design and functionality. Meticulously tested prototypes and carefully selected materials ensured wine rack stability and visual appeal. The stunning glass enclosure showcases wine labels with LED accent lighting, creating an inviting ambiance. With a hidden cooling unit and ample bottle capacity, the cellar guarantees the safety and preservation of the client’s wine collection.


This successful collaboration embodies the harmony of design and attention to detail, resulting in a remarkable and functional space.

Our designers believe anything is possible, and our wine cellar specialists ensure your collection is safely stored.