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Pacific Mountain Residence

A custom walnut Wine Cellar perfectly integrated with the style of the home. Built for a serious collector looking for maximum bottle storage and plenty of glass for exterior viewing, with a focus on premium finishes and grandeur.


Location: Southern Oregon

Style: Traditional with a Contemporary Twist

Client Type: Homeowner

Client Requirements: A large capacity Wine Cellar with wood finishes to match the style of their Pacific Northwest home, a 2 Story wine display, and plenty of glass for maximum viewing.

Our Solution: A 455 ft2 Walnut Wine Cellar with custom stain matched finishes, a 2 story glass enclosed Q Curve display, and a glass ceiling panel for 2nd level viewing.

Cellar features:

  • Bottle Capacity: 6694
  • Case Storage: 84
  • Racking: Sommelier Select & Q Curve
  • Climate Control: Commercial Grade Wine Guardian Unit
  • Custom Stain Matched Walnut Racking with 35 Degree Lacquer
  • 2 Story Q-Curve Racking
  • LED Ribbon Lighting
  • Curved Rail Rolling Ladder