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contemporary allure with earthy touch

Lake Toxaway Project

Harmony in


Sleek modern display that ingeniously combines metal’s contemporary allure with the organic warmth of wood, offering unparalleled flexibility in wine cellar design.


Blending the contemporary allure of metal with the inviting, earthy touch of wood, the Label Ladder by Genuwine Cellar encapsulates a harmonious fusion of the two elements. Its sleek design offers an exquisite visual appeal while also providing unparalleled adaptability. This innovative system is crafted to be firmly fixed from the floor to the ceiling, granting an array of options for placement within your wine cellar.


Ladders can also be joined by a common support beam, allowing the wine racking to span across large areas or meet seamlessly in corners. No longer are wine racks limited to, or dictated by, available wall space.

The Art of Wine Display

The sleek and smooth metal contours of the Label Ladder protect the labels and cradle vintage bottles securely. Crafted with an eye for elegance and functionality, Label Ladder seamlessly harmonizes with any space, whether placed gracefully in front of glass or stone walls or positioned to float effortlessly within the center of the room.

With Label Ladder, the art of showcasing wine reaches new heights as each bottle appears to be suspended in mid-air, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that captures attention, making it an ideal choice for flaunting your treasured trophies.

Our craftsmen skillfully customize these rods to seamlessly accommodate one, two, or three wine bottles laterally, providing you with the flexibility of single-, double-, and triple-bottle depth options.

modern wine racking display - Genuwine Cellars


After almost three decades of working with renowned wine collectors all over the world, we understand the significance of showcasing your vintages in the manner they deserve, while also ensuring their protection.

We believe that your wine cellar should not only be a space for storage but also a gallery that showcases your passion and collection. Label Ladder transforms your wine cellar into a work of art, allowing you to appreciate your labels and access your wines with ease.