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Label Line Cable Wine Display​

Inspired by the love of wine and design, Label Line offers a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty in wine storage.


Each day, we advance toward our gold standard: transforming the art of wine storage. Designed with an emphasis on both security and aesthetic grace, Label Line collection showcases our exceptional experience, creative liberty, and mastery of wine cellar design.

Craftsmanship That Celebrates Each Bottle

At the heart of the Label Line collection is a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Constructed with handcrafted airplane-grade tension cables, each wine rack stands as a testament to durability and stability. This robust construction is not just about ensuring longevity, bottle and label safety; it is about providing a worthy stage for wines to be admired, in settings where every detail contributes to the narrative of quality and passion that surrounds fine wine collecting.

Wine Cellar with cable wine racks - Genuwine Cellars

Discover the Flexibility of the Label Line Wine Storage

The Label Line cable wine rack collection excels in flexibility with its floor-to-ceiling design, fitting spaces with ceilings from 6 to 14 feet. Its adaptability is further showcased through customizable sizes, offering single, double, and triple depths to perfectly accommodate any collection size. 

Harmonizing Your Custom Wine Cellar with the Existing Decor

With options in Gold, Black, or Silver, each finish brings its unique character and aesthetic appeal to your collection. Our expertise in design and keen eye for detail can help you choose the finish that not only matches but enhances your decor, ensuring that your custom wine cellar becomes a cohesive and striking part of your home’s aesthetic.

Transform Your Space with Label Line Wine Display

From the first consultation to the final installation, we oversee every detail with the utmost care and precision. Your wine collection deserves more than storage—it deserves a sanctuary of sophistication and timeless beauty. Step into the realm of your dream wine cellar with us.