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Jackson Hole Spiral Cellar

Amidst the serene beauty of Jackson Hole, a groundbreaking project redefines luxury living by blending state-of-the-art innovation with classic elegance. The Jackson Hole project introduces a custom Spiral Wine Cellar that transforms the living space into a captivating and efficient masterpiece. This cellar stands as a striking testament to the harmonious marriage of form and function, enhancing the home’s overall charm.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship in Every Detail


The cellar’s design boasts an impressive capacity, accommodating around 1870 bottles. This extensive storage solution not only organizes the collection but also makes it easily accessible, ensuring that every bottle is within reach, ready to be enjoyed.


At the heart of this project lies an attention to detail that is second to none. The inclusion of sumptuous leather steps exudes sophistication, providing a tactile and visual experience that enhances the cellar’s opulence.


The advanced LED lighting system transforms the wine cellar into a gallery of fine vintages. Each bottle is showcased with precision, creating an ambiance that is both modern and mesmerizing, highlighting the rich hues and contours of the wine collection.


Preserving the integrity of a wine collection requires precise environmental control. The state-of-the-art climate control package ensures that every bottle ages perfectly, maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels to safeguard the wine’s quality.


Completed with unparalleled craftsmanship, the installation process was as seamless as the design. Our skilled artisans dedicated themselves to every detail, ensuring the cellar was both functional and visually stunning. Precise measurements and advanced calculations for the cooling unit and electrical plan were meticulously executed. The components were crafted internally, transported to the client’s home, and installed within a few days, providing quick and professional service.

Harmonious Design Integration

Drawing inspiration from the blend of cool metal and warm wood found throughout the home, the Spiral Wine Cellar integrates harmoniously into the space. It stands as a refined and essential part of the overall design, enhancing the aesthetic while maximizing functionality. This project highlights how visionary design and impeccable craftsmanship can create an extraordinary feature that elevates any luxury living space.

spiral cellar in bar area - Genuwine Cellars