Genuwine Cellars is a boutique design and build firm located in central Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba). With nearly 20 years of experience designing and building custom wine cellars around North America and the world, we are well-accustomed to working with wine cellar builders near and far, including those located in New York, Illinois, California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec.

Wine cellar builders/designers work with Genuwine in a variety of ways:

a)   Most prefer to have Genuwine handle all aspects of the design and build process, and then carry out the final installation themselves locally;

b)   Some prefer to work collaboratively with Genuwine on the design phase, use Genuwine to produce the contents of the wine cellar, and then either install themselves or use Genuwine for the installation as well;

c)   Less typically, some wine cellar builders will use Genuwine as a supplier of wine racks only, and will handle all aspects of design and installations themselves.

The scope and size of our wine cellar builder partners vary tremendously. Some of them are set up in prominent retail locations with elaborate showrooms. Others exist as consultants with an architectural background. And others still operate as home builders with a side specialty in wine cellars.

Genuwine has a number of resources in place to aid and assist wine cellar builders:

a)   Genuwine has developed a three-tiered Certification Program for all potential and existing dealers. The ‘curriculum’ includes:

  1. General Wine Knowledge;
  2. Wine Storage Knowledge;
  3. Climate Control Knowledge;
  4. In-depth information concerning Genuwine’s process;
  5. In-depth information concerning Genuwine’s products and services

Exams can be taken by you (the wine cellar builder) and your team online.

b)   Genuwine will work with you (the wine cellar builder) and your team to create high-quality marketing documents for print and for web. These documents will incorporate both your logo and our logo, and can include images from some of our high-caliber projects in an effort to enhance your company.

c)   Genuwine can provide custom design presentations tailored specifically for your company (with Genuwine collaboration noted).

d)   Genuwine can provide custom marketing documents tailored to your specific needs (with Genuwine collaboration noted).

e)   Genuwine can design and build custom displays specifically for your showroom environment.


Please call us at 1.866.415.7181 to speak with someone about working with Genuwine Cellars.

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