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Genuwine Cellars is a boutique design and build firm located in the heart of North America (49.91586175, -97.00814009). With nearly 20 years of experience designing and building custom wine cellars around the world, we are well-accustomed to working with clients from a distance.

We are a service-oriented company.

Each Genuwine project is managed by a Designer that will serve as a dedicated point of contact through the entire design, build, installation and warranty phase. You can learn more about our Design Process here. From our methodical Wine Cellar Design Form to our information-dense to our Dimensions Manual to our detailed Project Logistics Overview, we have crafted a number of unique support resources to assist and inform you at every step of the process. Our Designers can be reached via phone or email and can arrange phone or video-chat conferences with you no matter your time zone.We can arrange to have our team visit your site prior to installation, regardless of your location.


Custom Metal Wine Racking with Horizontal Bottle Displays, Mounted on Acrylic Light Boxes with Lacquered Walnut Frames

Edinburgh, Scotland

Genuwine was contacted by a successful restaurant owner in Scotland, seeking a prominent wine feature for his modern steakhouse.

The owner filled out our Wine Cellar Design Form online, uploading the architectural plans of his planned renovation. Through the form, he listed his bottle capacity requirements; material and finish preferences; projected timeline; and preliminary budget. The form was emailed directly to our offices, and a copy emailed to the owner.

A Senior Designer at Genuwine contacted the client directly via telephone within one day of receiving his submission. After one day of phone tag, our designer and the client connected and the two engaged in a discussion that clarified the client’s objectives, desires and budget. The client submitted a design retainer and Genuwine began preparing a formal design presentation.

The Design:
With information collected from the client, Genuwine’s Design Loft prepared a formal design presentation and emailed it to the client approximately 5 days after their initial conversation. A phone call followed to walk the client through every element.

“The wine racking system is perfect. Your product is the focal point of our bar for both patrons and passers by alike. In addition to this the overall quality and aesthetics of the display complements our design seamlessly.”

– Restaurant Owner

Wine cellar project example
Wine cellar wall for bars and restaurants
Example of commercial wine cellar wall in bar
bar with a wine wall at the back by Genuwine Cellars

Every Wine Cellar Begins with a Call.