Genuwine Cellars is a boutique design and build firm located in the heart of North America (49.91586175, -97.00814009). With nearly 25 years experience designing and building custom wine cellars internationally, we are well-accustomed to working with architects near and far. Our design philosophy is collaborative in nature. We have extensive experience working at a distance with other design professionals from around the world, including New York, London and Beijing.

Architects contacting Genuwine Cellars generally take one of two approaches:

1. They have their own pre-existing wine cellar design and they want Genuwine to review their plans, provide recommendations as required (e.g., feasibility, cost projections, climate control advice, etc.), and then ultimately build and install the wine cellar.

2. They have a space in the floor plan of their project demarcated for a wine cellar, and they request that Genuwine handle all aspects of the design, build and installation.


In both cases, you (the architect) and Genuwine will share information as required.
Genuwine will provide you (the architect) with preliminary rough-in information; full CAD drawings of the wine cellar; and MEP plans (including cooling unit cut sheets; custom Climate Control Plans (with custom ducting design); custom lighting and electrical plans.)


We can certainly appreciate the need for quick costing estimates for budgeting purposes, and while it is possible to provide rough estimates and guidelines in a timely manner, please keep the following in mind:

A wine cellar is not a typical construction project.

Any architect/designer/builder that has gone through a wine cellar design and build will attest to the staggering amount of detail entailed for such a relatively small space. Working through the myriad complexities requires attention and time.

Genuwine Cellars takes all wine cellar projects very seriously, for at least three reasons:

  1. A wine cellar often represents a significant investment;
  2. The wine that needs to be protected inside the wine cellar is often an even greater investment; and
  3. The complexities involved to protect both of those investments require astute attention to detail.

Enlisting the help of Genuwine Cellars means bringing onboard a hyper-specialized team that will attend to those critical details. We take the time to make things right.

Every Wine Cellar Begins with a Call.