…Clients (Direct) / International Clients

We are well-accustomed to working at a distance with clients from around the world.


Our design philosophy is collaborative in nature. We work intimately with architects and architectural firms.


The Design Loft works collaboratively with designers from around the globe. We can help translate a vision into a functional reality.

…Wine Cellar Builders

Genuwine works closely with several wine cellar professionals throughout North America. If you are one, learn more about how we can work together.

…Home Builders

Genuwine can assist in all aspects of the wine cellar, including room preparation, ducting design, and of course, wine cellar design and supply.

…General Contractors

We have extensive experience working at a distance with construction professionals. We can be a valuable asset to your team–supplying designer-friendly, value-engineered solutions that come within budget.

…Project Managers and Client Representatives

Genuwine provides timely, organized and thorough project information as required. We work collaboratively with project managers and client representatives to get answers when they are needed.

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