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Designer Onyx Wine Display

Imagine a wine display that transcends the ordinary, where each bottle is showcased against the mesmerizing backdrop of an onyx wall. This is not just any stone; onyx is a rare and exotic gem, valued for its bright, translucent crystals that allow light to dance through them, creating a captivating visual symphony. In this luxurious setting, LED strip lights are meticulously placed behind the onyx, illuminating its natural veins and transforming the wall into a living piece of art. The soft, ambient light not only highlights the unique beauty of the onyx but also bathes the entire room in a warm, inviting glow. This display combines artistry and function, turning a simple wine collection into a stunning focal point that enhances the elegance and sophistication of the space.

Project details

Location: Canada

Style: Modern Glass Enclosed Wine Wall

Client Type: Homeowner

Client Requirements:

A climate-controlled wine wall that serves as a standout feature dividing the kitchen and living room area.

Our Solution:

To create a distinctive space that harmonizes the ambiance of the home, we have crafted an elegantly simple yet striking wine wall. This design incorporates a backlit wall that adds a luminous, captivating element to the room. It is equipped with sleek, brushed steel PEGs and triple Label Line Displays, which ensure that up to 135 standard wine bottles are displayed in a clean and organized manner. The wine wall also features a compact cooling unit and sealed glass doors to maintain optimal temperature conditions, ensuring your wine collection is perfectly preserved.

Wine Display Features


  • Brushed Stainless Steel Label Link and Peg Racks
  • Custom Backlit Stone Wall
  • Solid Walnut with Laquer Frame
  • LED Light Panel
  • Through the Wall Cooling Unit in Bulkhead
  • Seamless Glass Wall and Door System
  • Cellar Capacity: 135 standard wine bottles

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