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With almost thirty years of wine cellar design in its repertoire, and the power to create anything within the limits of imagination, the Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is the only true wine-cellar-centric boutique design firm in the world.

Our design philosophy is collaborative in nature. We have extensive experience working at a distance with other design professionals from around the world, including New York, London and Beijing.

If you or your design team would prefer for us to take the lead role in the design of your wine cellar, we can of course accommodate that. However if you and/or your team have your own designs/ideas, we can take a supportive role and help you best translate your pre-existing vision into a properly constructed, functional wine cellar. You choose our level of involvement.


Phase 1: Introduction To A Dedicated Designer/Project Manager
When you have retained Genuwine Cellars for design services, you will be introduced to a Lead Designer, who will be your dedicated contact throughout the life of your project, right up to the final installation.
Phase 2: Wine Cellar Design Analysis
Our design process begins with a full assessment of your desires and the objectives of your wine cellar. Considerations like: ideal bottle capacity, large format storage needs, aesthetic style preferences, your wine-collecting habits, material preferences, the size and location of the space, and the ultimate purpose of the wine cellar are all accounted for before we begin our initial design. We have created an online form to aid in this process (answers can be emailed to you as well as to our offices): Wine Cellar Design Form If you are working with an architect, designer or general contractor, this is the time to share renovation plans, blueprints and other objectives so that all relevant parties can get on the same page.
Phase 3: Wine Cellar Design Analysis
With the information gathered in Phase 2, the design team will prepare a beautiful design presentation that will include three-dimensional concept drawings of your cellar's suggested material specifications, and available upgrade options.
Phase 4: Introduction To A Dedicated Designer/Project Manager
Design revisions (if required) are performed and a formal quote line-itemizing project costs will be presented and explained to you. Once the final design and quote have been agreed upon, a project deposit is required to move the design into the next phase.
Phase 5: Room Preparation And Formal Climate Control Plans
Once the concept design has been crystallized and a deposit made, your room can then be prepared for climate control (following our Room Preparation Guide). In the meantime, we will construct formal Climate Control Plans and Electrical Rough-In Plans as well as arrange for material samples to be sent, including custom sample matches. Upon completion of the insulation, vapour barrier, framing, etc., we will then move on to the CAD phase.
Phase 6: Final CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Created
Once Genuwine has received the final field dimensions of your space, we can begin the production of the “to-the-millimeter” architectural-grade CAD drawings that will precisely outline the exact fit and finish of your wine cellar as it will be in your exact space. Once this CAD drawing is complete, we will send it to you for your final verification.
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Every custom wine cellar designed by Genuwine Cellars is unique, guided and shaped by the client and their specific objectives.

The following are the most crucial aspects that we account for in every wine cellar we design:

1. Form

Aesthetically, the wine cellar must be strong and balanced and harmonious. We understand that the wine cellar is often designated as a showpiece for the home, and its fit and finish must be well-considered.

2. Investment Range

Ultimately, a wine cellar is a luxury product, which means there is virtually no limit with respect to potential costs associated with fit and finish, so choosing a range you are comfortable with is important.Leverage the creativity of our designers to ensure maximum value.Aligning a desirable design with an acceptable investment range is our priority.

3. Function

Creating sealed, climate-controlled environments to store and collect wine is what Genuwine Cellars has excelled at for twenty-five years.It is one thing to create an aesthetically pleasing space. It is another to create a functional enclosure that will store your wine at the proper temperature and humidity. This is where we consider cooling unit selection and placement, BTUH cooling load calculations, duct design, air flow patterns, room insulation and vapour barrier requirements. Ultimately, our design team shares the common goal of providing our clients with superior custom design and engineering to give you a wine cellar that is not only technologically sound, but also a work of art.