global-installation-servicesGenuwine Cellars offers complete wine cellar construction and installation services. We are a 100% turnkey solution.

With nearly twenty years of wine cellar construction experience, our installers possesses a unique skill- and knowledge-set that translates into a more expedient and seamless installation process for our clients.

All of our installers are intimately acquainted with our manufacturing and design process. This not only reduces the potential for errors, but also gives our clients a feeling of confidence that the right individuals are doing the right work.

There are great benefits to having the same craftsmen who worked on your project from the engineering stage right through to the build and even to the packaging stage, also install your wine cellar; they know it thoroughly and have been involved since the beginning.

From conventional wine rack installation to complex custom construction, our team will take your wine cellar from concept all the way through to completion, ensuring every millimeter is accounted for and every detail attended.

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