crafted-with-prideGenuwine Cellars is the world’s premier wine cellar manufacturer, located in Canada. The creative and technological innovations found within each Genuwine Cellar incorporate a depth of knowledge developed and refined over the course of nearly two decades.

Made in Canada means crafted with pride. From material selection to custom craftsmanship to fine finishing, Canadian workmanship has a reputation for attending to details and producing first class products.

Each Genuwine Cellar is designed and crafted on a set of fundamental principles. Everything begins here, from material selection and preparation, to processing and manufacturing, to finishing and assembly.

These principles are the cornerstone of our manufacturing process, rooted in fine craftsmanship, an intimate understanding of wine and proper cellaring techniques, and our relentless pursuit of creating wine cellars that exhibit the perfect blend of both science and art.

Principle 1: Storage

Each Genuwine Cellar is designed for optimal bottle capacity and space utilization. We understand that the storage requirements of every wine cellar are unique, in number of bottles, bottle sizes, case storage needs, etc. We are guided by experience and by expertise (we have a certified-Sommelier on staff), so we understand how wine collections can evolve and expand over time. Our cellars are designed to meet your needs today, as well as tomorrow.

Principle 2: Display

Wine bottle presentation is an art and a science. From precisely angled bottle-displays to wine-friendly LED lighting systems to stunning tasting display centerpieces, we take every step to make sure your collection is presented as favorably as possible, while still maintaining its functionality as a working wine cellar.

Principle 3: Wine Preservation

The first order of any Genuwine Cellar must be to preserve and protect your wine collection. To that end, we use state-of-the-art climate control systems, engineered to the specifications of your unique cellar space. We employ non-UV-emitting LED lights as ultraviolet rays can damage wine. We use inert wood species and employ special finishing processes to avoid even the hint of off-gassing. We produce the world’s finest and most advanced wine cellar doors called Grand Entrances, which ensure that the integrity of your cellar will not be compromised at its weakest point.  And we even go so far as protecting your wine bottle labels, making sure each and every piece of wood that cradles your bottle is rounded to protect it from rips and abrasions.

Principle 4: Craftsmanship

We couple a traditional artisanal philosophy with technological innovation and expertise. The results are luxury wine cellars that remind one of traditional fine woodworking and craftsmanship, but that are also tailored and refined with precision engineering.

We employ gifted craftsman and train them following a set of meticulous standards. Our preparation, production and finishing skills are superlative, as we attend to details invisible to the untrained eye.

Our dedication to quality is unmatched in our industry.

Principle 5: Harmony

The ultimate objective of a Genuwine Cellar is to enhance the enjoyment you experience from every bottle of wine in your collection. We know from our longstanding passion for wine that a great cellar can accomplish this best by ensuring that all of the principles: storage, display, wine preservation and craftsmanship, work together in a harmonious unity that transcends something greater than the sum of its parts.

There is a certain satisfaction in reaching for a bottle laid down in a Genuwine Cellar, knowing with confidence that its storage has been well looked after, and then savoring that wine with friends surrounded by the ambiance of a spectacular, unique cellar environment.

Our appreciation of this harmony goes into every wine cellar we build, and has helped provide the ultimate wine tasting experience for discerning wine enthusiasts worldwide.

We invite you to join them.

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