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An Art and Science Bison City Project




An underutilized wet bar was transformed into a modern, elegant wine cellar, becoming a centerpiece of luxury in the home.

Mastering Design

Our client envisioned this space not just as a functional area, but as a luxurious statement piece that would captivate anyone who entered their home.

Trusting in our expertise, we were given carte blanche with the space. We added a striking column, meticulously wrapped in deep, rich hues, and artfully designed to present an optical illusion. This column’s open area not only captivates the eye but also ingeniously carves out a dedicated space for decanting.

With Genuwine Cellars, the blend of structural and aesthetic innovation is where we truly shine, turning every challenge into a beautiful solution.

The Art of Display

LED lighting was strategically placed to illuminate the bottles, casting a soft glow showcasing the collection and creating an inviting ambiance, drawing guests towards the cellar.

To fulfill our client’s wish for a showpiece, we wove Label Link into their design. As its name suggests, it is designed to highlight the labels of wine bottles, turning the client’s collection into a captivating display.

Each segment of the Label Link design is intricately fashioned and encased with premium-grade elastomeric bands. These bands embrace both the neck and base of the bottle with precision, guaranteeing stability while facilitating effortless access. Designed with foresight, Label Link is versatile, ready to evolve with a connoisseur’s expanding collection, accommodating single, double, or even triple bottle depths. This adaptability is achieved by adding new links to the existing structure, making expansion seamless.

Label Link wine display construction - Genuwine Cellars

Beyond Aesthetics

Unveiled over 10 years ago, entirely designed and manufactured in-house, our Label Link collection is like no other. Our installations are precision-aligned using laser technology, ensuring perfection down to the minutest detail. Beyond aesthetics, we prioritize the safety of your prized collection. With our advanced anchoring techniques, we guarantee stability without the need for unsightly and unreliable drywall plugs. At our core, we recognize the intrinsic value of your collection, cherishing not just its visual allure but also safeguarding your prized vintages with unwavering dedication.