The wine cellar was installed yesterday and it looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for all of your help. This is a beautiful addition to our new home.

Mr. David Weishuhn
Toronto, Canada

We now have the panels installed and they look great!

Ms. Mindy Jennings
San Francisco, United States

We just received and installed the wine racks. They look gorgeous.

Mr. Dave Clendenen
Denver, United States

The wine panels look so good! They were installed just as I imagined.

Ms. Kim Hom
San Francisco, United States

We just put our wine in the cellar last night!! It looks great!! We are very happy with how it turned out!

Mr. Joe Hollowell
Modesto, United States

The [wine cellar] door arrived and has been installed. Looks awesome, and fits perfectly with the design of the cellar. Thanks so much.

Mr. Ron Eastman
Portola Valley, United States

Thank you for the time and effort put into our project. Even though it’s a small one for Genuwine Cellars, we still received top notch service. We weren’t willing to compromise on quality and that’s why we chose to work with Genuwine Cellars. I would highly recommend your services and Genuwine Cellars to anyone working on a wine storage project, big or small.

Ms. Monica James
Winnipeg, Canada

Aspen Builders has used Genuwine Cellars for a number of our custom designs over the last several years. Genuwine’s product meets all of our quality and superior finish requirements.

Mr. Chris Beasley
Colorado, United States

The Peg panel is installed and we love it! The custom stain match is a great match.

Mr. Gardner
British Columbia, Canada

I am extremely happy with my wine cellar! It is everything I hoped it would be and more! The craftsmanship is outstanding and the custom service experience has been top notch!

Mr. Raymond Peters
Naples, United States

The wine racking system is perfect. Your product is the focal point of our bar for both patrons and passers by alike. In addition to this the overall quality and aesthetics of the display complements our design seamlessly.

Mr. Barrie Brown,
Restaurant Owner
Edinburgh, Scotland

The design of the new wine cellar looks fantastic! UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so very much for all your help. Working with the Genuwine Designers is always so awesome!

Ms. Stephanie Bronzo
Signature Wine Cellars
New York, United States

Without a doubt, Genuwine Cellars manufactures the best wine cellar racking in the industry. The Genuwine team provides their customers with superior products and exceptional service from start to finish. I would highly recommend Genuwine Cellars to anyone interested in building a quality wine cellar.

Mr. Steve Paprodimitriou
Papro Consulting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Both my wife and I are completely thrilled with how our wine cellar has turned out. We are very happy that we chose to use Genuwine Cellars and will not hesitate to recommend Genuwine to anyone.

Mr. and Mrs. Schnitzer
British Columbia, Canada

The installation of my new wine cellar went very well. The team that installed was made up of some really great guys! They worked hard and long just to get the job done perfectly! There’s no fooling around with them! And of course the cellar looks unbelievable! Thank you!

Genuwine Cellars Client

Everything that comes out of Genuwine is obviously hand-made and is apparent in their minute detail work, superb craftsmanship and finishing…

Genuwine Cellars Client

You have raised the bar in professionalism in our industry. Your product is a good thing for us all!

Mr. Gary Bombay
Blue Grouse Wine Cellars
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I’ve always enjoyed your company! Very innovative! If there was a wine cellar Designer Hall of Fame – and there really should be – you’d be in it!

Mr. Paul Wyatt,
Celebrity Wine Cellar Designer
and Industry Innovator

Genuwine is unquestionably the best in Quality, Service and especially Imagination. They take care of all of your needs and always leave you satisfied.

Mr. Eric Schuller
Sommelier at Choice Vintners
Manotick, Ontario, Canada

Working with Genuwine means that you get quality, unlimited choices & flexibility in design & budget options! Anything truly is possible with Genuwine!

Genuwine Cellars Client

Thank you to everyone at Genuwine Cellars for your tremendous quality work, timely delivery, and professionalism from start to finish.

Shael Glesby
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Everything about working with Genuwine was at a professional level that I’ve rarely seen before. They designed an innovative and contemporary cellar that was by far the most ORIGINAL design I had yet to see! The customer service was second-to-none and most importantly the end product was absolutely flawless and outstanding. It’s definitely THE showpiece in my home.

Genuwine Cellars Client

Very professional and great customer service! And the product is outstanding!

Genuwine Cellars Client
California, United States

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