“Wine lockers: increasingly mandatory in private clubs and luxury condominiums.”

Wine Lockers have increased in popularity with the advent of communal wine rooms in luxury condominiums and senior living communities, and retail wine clubs.

Genuwine’s Wine Lockers are custom-sized and -suited to your exact space. Lockers may be incorporated as an element into an existing wine cellar design, or can comprise the entire design themselves, with full climate control options available.

Wine Lockers can be tailored to the exact needs of its users.



  • Size of locker:
    1. 12 to 144+ bottle capacity
  • Internal Wine Racking:
    1. No racking (12 bottles or less)
    2. Dividers/shelves
    3. Individual bottle racking
      1. Wood
      2. Peg System
  • Door style:
    1. Standard mesh grilles (various finish options)
    2. Architectural mesh grilles
    3. Trim options
  • Security:
    1. Keyed lock
    2. Fob-activated locks
    3. Magnetic locks
  • Materials:
    1. Premium wood species and metal options
    2. Ultra-premium upgrades available
  • Lighting:
    1. Working lights
    2. Feature lights
  • Humidor:
    1. In-locker humidor with separate climate-controlled environment
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