The Curve

The Curve

“An iconic design for our firm, the Curve has received global attention since its inception.”

The roots of the Curve trace directly back to Sommelier Select with fit and finish standards for the Curve identical to our flagship line, which is to say: best materials, best craftsmanship, best execution.

You may choose from three ‘curved’ options that can be applied to both wine racking millwork:

Vertical Curve

Horizontal curve

Vertical and Horizontal Curve (“Curve-on-Curve”)


Bottle Depth:

13 ½” (at angle display/mid-point)

23 ½“ (at widest parts of curve (top and bottom))

Height and Width:

Custom heights and widths

Custom curve radii

Density Options:

Single and Double Bottle Depth


Material Options:

Rustic Alder, All-Heart Cherry, Maple, White Oak, All-Heart Walnut, Sapele Mahogany, Rosewood, Wenge, Padouk, All-Heart Redwood

*We will craft the Curve in any wood species that we approve as wine cellar safe

Finish Options:

Lacquer, Stain and Lacquer, Distressed (sand-blasted and lacquered), Beaten and Burned (includes lacquer), White Finish, Ombre

*Custom stain matches are available (physical sample required)

Feature Options/Upgrades:

– Racks to accommodate any bottle size, from standard (including over-size 750ml bottles) to half-bottles to Champagne bottles/boxes to Magnum and larger formats

– Racks with or without angled-bottle display

– Slat bin racks with dividers

– Solid Square Bins and Diamond Bins in single and double bottle depths

– Soft-close sliding case storage drawers

– Bins with drawers (with face trim options)

– Pilasters (with trim options)

– Finished end panels

– Counter-tops of varying depths, styles and trims

– Display arches with various trims and styles (including optional shelving)

– Angled-display units

– Cabinets (with trim options)

– Horizontal bottle displays (with trim options)

– Quarter-round and half-round corner units (with trim options)

– Cooling unit air grille options

– Crown- and base mould options, including option to create custom profiles

Premium Wood Species:


Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Exotic Wood Species:


Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Assortment of Finish Options:

Genuwine Cellars offers several standard stain options and an unlimited choice of custom stains.

Custom stain matching is available for clients wishing to match their wine cellar to their existing millwork.

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

We have created an online form to aid in this process (answers can be emailed to you as well as to our offices):

Wine Cellar Design Form

Or please phone us at 1-866-415-7181 to speak with a designer.

The Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is an ultra-specialized unit dedicated to designing strong and seductive wine cellars. With nearly two decades of wine cellar design in its repertoire, and the power to create anything within the limits of imagination, the Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is the only true wine-cellar-centric boutique design firm in the world.

Our Designer Service includes a formal design presentation, three-dimensional computer-generated concept drawings of your cellar, suggested material specifications, custom lighting plans, and post-deposit, also includes full CAD drawings, Climate Control Plans, material samples and Electrical Plans.Learn more about the Genuwine Design Process here.


*NOTE: 6-10 weeks after final CAD (computer-aided design) verification

Genuwine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, can install each and every element of your custom cellar. We are a 100% turnkey solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an added cost to getting curved wine racking?

    Curve pricing is based on Sommelier Select pricing with the addition of an added substantial premium. Substantial design, engineering and build time is involved in producing a Curve wine cellar.

  2. What shape and size of room is ideal for a Curve cellar? Is my room too small or narrow for the Curve?

    The shape of the room will determine how well the Curve will show. Square rooms with a ceiling height of 8 feet work well. Ideal wall lengths will be between 8 feet and 10 feet. The longer the length of curved racking, the better the effect.

  3. Can you fit two bottles (double deep) at the top and bottom of the Curve?

    Curve wine racks are as a standard single deep at the angle display and gradually gain depth as you move away from the middle. Depending on ceiling height, double deep may be possible in the upper and lower most sections, but the bottles may protrude past the upright.

  4. Can you include Metal components in the design?

    Yes. We can also create custom curved peg display end panels to match the radius on the front of the rack.

  5. Can I curve other components, such as cabinetry, drawers, pillars, etc.?

    In general the answer is “Yes.” We can make curved drawers, bins, arches, cabinets, and more.