Label Ladder

Label Ladder

“Elegant. Impactful. Dynamic.””

Genuwine’s Label Ladder merges the modern aesthetic of metal with the organic feel of wood.

Sleek, design-caliber stainless steel support beams are secured to the wine cellar floor and ceiling allowing for free-floating wine racking. These displays work well situated in front of glass walls, or when you want to float displays in the middle of the room.

Label Ladders can be configured in single-, double-, or triple-bottle depths and single-, double-, or triple-bottle widths, allowing for nine different density options.

Angled-bottle display rows are available upon request.

All Label Ladders ship pre-assembled.

Height and Width:

Custom Height up to a maximum of 11 feet. Additional charges apply for ladders over 8 feet.

Three different width options: single bottle width; double bottle width; and triple bottle width

Density Options:


Material Options:

Wood Veneer Options:

Rustic Alder, All-Heart Cherry, Maple, White Oak, All-Heart Walnut, Sapele, Rosewood, Wenge, Padouk, All-Heart Redwood

Metal Options (aluminum veneers):

Hundreds of specialty metal veneers to choose from, ranging from moderately priced to ultra-premium.

Other Material Options:

Acrylic options available, but limitations exist. Please inquire.

*We will craft Label Ladder in any material that we approve as wine cellar safe 

Finish Options:

Lacquer, Stain and Lacquer, Distressed (sand-blasted and lacquered), Beaten and Burned (includes lacquer), White Finish, Ombre

*Custom stain matches are available (physical sample required)

Feature Options/Upgrades:

Powder coating (color) options available for horizontal rods, vertical uprights and anchors

Options for Large Format storage

Options for display rows (triple bottle depth only)

Ladder Joining Options:

Label Ladders can stand independently, or be joined to one another in two ways:

a) Side-by-Side: Ladders can share a vertical upright and enjoy a cost-savings.

b) In-Corner: Ladders can meet at a 90-degree corner and share a vertical upright that takes the form of a finished wood pillar. A cost upgrade is involved.

Specialty Veneers

We have access to hundreds of highly custom real wood and metal (aluminum) veneers ranging from burled wood to standard brushed steel finishes to chemically dyed and textured patterns. We have provided a small sampling here:

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Premium Wood Species:


Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Exotic Wood Species:


Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Assortment of Finish Options:

Genuwine Cellars offers several standard stain options and an unlimited choice of custom stains.

Custom stain matching is available for clients wishing to match their wine cellar to their existing millwork.

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

Rustic Alder (Lacquer)

We have created an online form to aid in this process (answers can be emailed to you as well as to our offices):

Wine Cellar Design Form

Or please phone us at 1-866-415-7181 to speak with a designer.

The Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is an ultra-specialized unit dedicated to designing strong and seductive wine cellars. With nearly two decades of wine cellar design in its repertoire, and the power to create anything within the limits of imagination, the Design Loft at Genuwine Cellars is the only true wine-cellar-centric boutique design firm in the world.

Our Designer Service includes a formal design presentation, three-dimensional computer-generated concept drawings of your cellar, suggested material specifications, custom lighting plans, and post-deposit, also includes full CAD drawings, Climate Control Plans, material samples and Electrical Plans.Learn more about the Genuwine Design Process here.


*NOTE: Label Ladders ship pre-assembled.

Production time: 3-6 weeks after final CAD (comupter-aided design) verification

Genuwine Cellars offers complete Wine Cellar Construction and Installation Services. Our team of professionals, expert in the field of wine cellar construction, can install each and every element of your custom cellar. We are a 100% turnkey solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size bottles will Label Ladder hold?

    All sizes of regular bottles, including large oversize bottles. Standard Label Ladder will also accommodate some Magnum sized bottles

  2. How do the Label Ladders affix to the floor and ceiling?

    Label Ladders ship with anchor base plates that can be screwed into the floor and ceiling. One set of the anchors is adjustable to account for uneven floors (and to enable installer to erect the ladder).

  3. How do these Label Ladders ship?

    They ship pre-assembled in custom-built coffins/crates. Generally shipping costs are higher given the weight of metal.

  4. Can you vary the configurations to create custom shapes profiles on the ladder?

    Yes. Charges design charges may apply.

  5. Can Ladders be mounted on counters?

    Yes. Provided that the counter is reinforced to support the weight.

  6. Are Ladders available with unfinished wood?

    No. Label Ladders require lacquer finish.

  7. Can Label Ladder hold my magnum, 3 Litre and other oversized bottles? If not, can you build custom spaced Ladders?

    The spacing of Label Ladders are designed to hold standard (and oversized) 750ml bottles. If large format storage is required, we can offer adjusted spacing to accommodate larger bottles, although additional costs may be involved.

  8. Can I combine Label Ladder with other Metal lines?

    Yes. All metal and wood racking lines can be combined.