The art of wine cellaring is evolving.


As fine collectors continue to grow in their level of sophistication, we recognize an ever-increasing demand towards specialized storage and compartmentalization.

the Galleria represents the ultimate embodiment of this evolution—the collection of a series of dedicated displays and storage areas (cellar for red wine only, cellar for white wine, cabinet for Champagne, walk-in humidor for cigars, displays for whisky and Cognac, etc.), all anchored to a designer tasting area.

It is a literal gallery showcasing your fine consumable collectibles.

the Galleria is the ultimate lifestyle statement—the next level centerpiece in the world of elevated entertaining.

Dedicated Storage Space Options:

Custom Galleria spaces generally begin at 750 square feet and can exceed 3000 square feet.
Dedicated storage spaces for your consumable collectibles can include:

Wine cellar/cabinet for red wine

Wine cellar/cabinet for white wine

Wine cellar dedicated to large format/case storage

Wine cellar/cabinet for Champagne

Wine cellar/cabinet for specialty wine (Port, Dessert, etc.)

Humidor for cigars

Cognac display

Whisky display

Fine liquor display

Tobacco pipe display

Beer cooler/display

Tasting Area Options:

Tasting areas can include any or all of the following:

Custom entertaining space, with options for seating, bar, dancing area, serving area, water feature, more

Audio/visual room

Custom ventilation of cigar smoking

Central electronic inventory

Security system

Full home automation integration

Custom mechanical HVAC rooms designed and installed to suit your space. Can include cooling units, humidification units, ventilation mechanical, digital monitoring

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