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While 55F is generally touted as the ideal temperature to store wine (both red, white and sparkling) please know that there is no consensus among the experts (winemakers, critics and/or oenological academics).It would be more accurate to say that an acceptable temperature range exists, largely informed by historical local customs. Excluding obvious outliers, that range would be between 55F to 60F.

The following is a list of some of the wine world’s finest wines. The true trophies of any collection.These are the wines with the highest pedigrees, generally recognized as the ‘blue-chippers’ of wine investment. They are some of the most expensive wines of the world, coveted by serious collectors for both newer and older vintages. In general, these wines are built to age with some drinking superbly 50+ years post-bottling.

Simply put, a wine cellar can be any place designated to store a collection of wine. Be it an elaboratestate-of-the-art 8000 bottle custom enclosure featured in a design magazine, to a dugout in a damp and dingy underground cave, to a set of modular wooden racks in the corner of an unfinished basement.