sommelier-servicesGenuwine Cellars offers professional Sommelier Services for clients interested in stocking, inventory, investment and cellaring advice.

Consultation Services can include:

1)     Initial Cellar Set Up

How should you fill your new wine cellar? What are the best age-worthy wines from around the world? What are the best investments? What ratio of ‘Drink Now’ to ‘Drink Later’ are you looking to maintain?
Whatever direction you wish to take your cellar, our Sommelier will work with you to plan and stock a collection that will meet your unique needs. We can work as closely with you as you like, or provide completely independent advice. You choose your level of involvement.

2)     Cellar Organization

Our Sommelier can organize and inventory your wine cellar to any degree of specificity. We can create detailed spreadsheets for your collection, as well as install sophisticated cellar-tracking software using barcodes placed on your wine labels using the world-class eSommelier system. The degree of rigor and precision is up to you.

3)     Cellar Stocking

We can assist you with new purchases to round out your current wine collection. From introducing you to the latest trends to rediscovering old favorites, we can take your cellar in any direction you would like.

4)     Wine Education

Have our Sommelier provide extensive notes on the wines in your collection, or tap his/her knowledge to enhance your own tasting prowess and wine acumen. Education can be as scholastic, or as informal, as you would like.

5)     Wine Investment

We can offer advice in the complex area of wine investment, including En primeur (a.k.a., wine futures). For collectors intent on selling wines at auction, detailed records of purchase, proof of storage and current value assessments are all preferred (if not required), and we can assist you with preparing any or all of these.

6)     Special Events

Arrange for our Sommelier to attend your formal dinner, work function or tasting party. Learn about the wines you are drinking and what makes them special.

Personal half-day and full-day consultations are available with one of our in-house Sommeliers. Fees vary depending on the scope and detail of the service. Please contact us directly if you require more information.

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