appraisals-2With our long and extensive history in the wine cellar business, Genuwine Cellars is often called upon by insurers to perform third party appraisals for wine cellars (in the event of damage). Whether or not we constructed your wine cellar, our expertise qualifies us to offer a formal appraisal for insurance purposes.

With respect to collectible insurance, we can also offer expert opinions regarding the value of your collection.

As for your wine, the more you have invested in your collection, the greater the need to have detailed records in the event of damage/theft. Please review our guide—Inventorying Your Wine Collection—which offers a range of inventory options, including a computerized system that our in-house Sommelier can install.

Please call 1-866-416-7181 if you have any questions, or have your insurance agent and/or claims specialist contact us directly.

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