the Signature by Genuwine Cellars represents the absolute pinnacle of wine cellar design and craftsmanship, reserved for clients who insist on perfection, exclusivity and confidentiality. Among other things, it involves:

Design collaboration with Genuwine CEO and founder, Robb Denomme

With twenty years experience in the custom wine cellar industry, Denomme (designer of the CUBE) is intimately involved with every aspect of your project, including attending every design and project meeting.

Includes initial site visit anywhere in the world.

Extreme Exclusivity

Only a very limited number of Signature wine cellars are produced annually. Average turnaround on a Signature wine cellar is 6 to 18 months.

NOTE: Queues are arranged based on project scope, complexity, geographic location, installation schedules, and date of initial engagement.

Destruction of Blueprints

Each Signature wine cellar by Genuwine is a true original. There is no duplication of your unique design.

Guarded Confidentiality

We do not share any aspects of your Signature design or build. We do not take or display any photographs of your finished Signature cellar. Signature cellars by Genuwine do not appear on our website or in any of our marketing (unless requested by the client).

Best of Best Fit and Finish

There is no compromise on any aspect of a Signature wine cellar. Every element, down to the smallest component, must be world class.

Most Sophisticated Climate Control Dedicated to Wine Storage

Includes specification, supply and installation of elite climate control systems and mechanical, including redundancy systems, with full home automation integration.

Turnkey Installation

Our elite installation team will install every aspect of your Signature wine cellar anywhere in the world.

Includes White Glove Delivery (North America).

Sommelier Consultation Before and After Cellar Installation

Genuwine’s in-house Sommelier will provide full-day consultations before and after your Signature cellar is built.

Pre-build consultations will focus on learning your collecting objectives and crafting an initial stocking agenda. This is done in order to design and build a wine cellar more custom-tailored to you.

Post-build, one of our Sommeliers will organize and inventory your cellar with a state-of-the-art digital inventory system.

Custom Decanter and Best Stemware

Includes stemware and accessories that we have deemed the best during our twenty years in this business. Includes: full set of varietal-specific stemware; custom-designed decanter; and artisanal corkscrew.

Grand Unveiling

All Signatures include an after-sales visit to ensure proper functionality and to provide you with a guided tour of all elements of your cellar.

At this time, we recommend hosting a ‘grand-opening’ of your wine cellar, where a Genuwine representative will formally introduce your new masterpiece to the world.

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